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Tame Your Vines

Maximize your vertical grow space to maximize your harvest

Grow Your Best Crop

A fresh solution for your vertical gardening plant support needs

What Our Tribe Is Saying:

"I absolutely love this plant support system. I've already found so many ways to use this with my tomato plants. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Mighty Crop."

"Tomato cages don't hold a candle to Mighty Crop. My pepper plants were out of control in the grow tent and now have a new look on life that allows light to reach more of the plant leaves and increase productivity."

"All the benefits of [agricultural netting] without the restrictions! The plant is able to be moved around the trellis intact!"

Made By Gardeners, For Gardeners

The Mighty Crop single plant trellis was developed out of our frustration handling awkward to use and antiquated support methods like nets, ties, cages and clamps that led to not-so-great harvests.

Easy to use and store, Mighty Crop plant trellises maximize any limited grow space by keeping your plants off the ground and upright, allowing for proper air flow and light.


  • Bring Ease Back to Harvesting

    You grow plants to enjoy the harvest. Not to mess with hard to handle nets and unsightly cages. Let Mighty Crop plant trellises bring back the joy of growing a healthy harvest without the hassle.

  • Vertical Gardening for the Urban Gardener

    Tight spaces to grow in? No problem. Mighty Crop plant trellises maximize your vertical grow space so you can get the best yield from your harvest.

  • The Future of Gardening

    The revolutionary Mighty Crop plant trellis gives your plants more air and light than traditional cages, stakes, and nets to ensure high yield harvests. Whether it's to eat, sell, or simply admire - you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Mighty Crop Difference

Optimal Light + Optimal Air Flow = Healthy Crops

  • Quick to Install

    Choose the clamp position that best fits the stake, position the branches into the Mighty Crop hooks, and watch your vertical yield grow effortlessly.

  • Reposition Easily

    As your plant grows, simply reposition your Mighty Crop plant trellis within seconds, unlike traditional stakes or agricultural nets.

  • Reusable & Sturdy

    UV, rust, and chemical resistant construction ensures your Mighty Crop plant trellis can be used year after year.

  • Optimal Light & Airflow

    Innovative design allows more light and air flow to reach more of the plant, leading to a healthier harvest.

It's That Easy To Use?!

See just how easy and effective the Mighty Crop plant trellis is to use for a high-yield harvest.

The Magic Behind Mighty Crop

Daniel is an expert gardener. Carl is a Silicon Valley engineer. They put their talents together to create Mighty Crop.

We created Mighty Crop because we were tired of using antiquated support methods that were not long-lasting or aesthetically pleasing like nets, ties, cages, and clamps, all of which led to suboptimal and hard to access harvests. We knew there had to be a better option for both skilled and new gardeners.

Creating the Mighty Crop single-plant trellis started with commercial-grade design and analysis software. When we couldn’t find the technology we needed, we geeked out and developed it ourselves.

We simulated over 55,000 versions of our product and built hundreds of prototypes with our 3D printer. We tested our trellises indoors and out. We used time-lapse photography to analyze how our product interacted with plants. It was only after we knew we had something revolutionary that we cut the steel for our first injection mold.

Every product Mighty Crop makes is designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

Ready to revolutionize the way you garden and enjoy the fruits of your (minimal) labor?